Adobe’s EEA Program: License ALL School Owned Computers

The Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) is an easy-to-manage, term-based licensing program that gives educational institutions access to new versions of Adobe® Creative Cloud™ desktop applications. This term-based licensing program makes purchasing easier and allows for predictable budgeting under one annual agreement. The Adobe EEA program provides access to new versions of the same industry-leading creative tools used by professionals. Adobe Education Enterpriise Agreement product collections were created to meet the specific needs of educational institutions like yours and include the same applications available with Creative Cloud membership.

How it Works

  • Single School – or School District?: A primary or secondary school may enroll in the EEA and be covered as a single school site. Or multiple schools may enroll as a “Legal Entity” (for example as a school district). Organizations choosing to enroll as a “Legal Entity” must enroll all schools within the entity.
  • Count up FTE (Full Time Equivalent): Enrolling K-12 Schools are licensed on the basis of FTE, and must count up and license 100% of their FTE count. All full-time and part-time faculty and staff must be included in the FTE count.
  • License the Adobe Creative Cloud for Education: Enrolled schools must license the Adobe Creative Cloud for Education – the complete collection of Adobe Creative Cloud desktop software.
  • Choose Add-On Products (optional): Choose from 2 optional add-on bundles –
    • Adobe Presenter and Captivate
    • Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements
  • Choose a 1-Year or 2-Year Term: Schools may choose to enroll into the Adobe EEA with a 1-Year or 2-Year Term.
  • Authorized Reseller: Adobe EEA is available through authorized Adobe education resellers. Genesis Technologies Inc. is an Adobe Authorized Gold Education Reseller.

Adobe EEA for K-12 Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included in the Adobe Design and Web K-12 Collection?

Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Adobe Flash Professional CC
Adobe Flash Builder Premium Edition
Adobe Fireworks CCloud
Adobe Premiere Pro CCloud
Adobe After Effects CCloud
Adobe Audition CCloud
Adobe Encore CCloud
Adobe SpeedGrade CCloud
Adobe Prelude CCloud
Adobe Muse CCloud
Adobe Bridge CCloud
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Adobe Edge Tools & Services
Adobe Media Encoder CCloud

How do I calculate FTE?

Full-time faculty and staff are considered as one unit each, respectively. Part-time faculty are considered one-third of a unit. Part-time staff are considered one-half of a unit. The formula for FTE count looks like this –

FTE Calculator

Is there a minimum FTE requirement to participate in the EEA?

  • The minimum FTE requirement for a single primary or secondary school is 20 FTE
  • The minimum FTE requirement for a K-12 School “Legal Entity” is 300 FTE.
  • Schools with less than the minimum required FTE can still enroll at the minimum FTE counts listed above.

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