Magix School Licenses are Available

Academic & Non-Profit Volume Site Licenses

What is the difference between Single User software and a Volume Site License?

Single User software is licensed for a single end user, and can only be used in one location at a time. This is the software readily available in stores and online.  Volume Site Licenses are licensed for multiple workstations simultaneously, and are ideal for computer lab or office settings. They are prepared on a case by case basis for each customer.

What is included with my Sony Creative Software Volume Site License purchase?

Sony Creative Software Volume Site Licensing is transactional — the more licenses you purchase on one order, the more you save. With each purchase, your school will receive an email containing your licensing agreement, links to download product files, and product keys. Please note: site licenses do not include 3rd party bundled software.

What are the licensing discount tier levels?

Your institution will receive a larger discount on Sony Creative Software products with each licensing tier level reached. Purchase more licenses to increase your savings! Our Volume Site Licensing tiers are:

  • 5-99 licenses
  • 100 or more licenses

How many units do I need to order to cover my site install?

A Volume Site License order must have a minimum of 5 license units.  Institutions must order one license per install.  For example if a school has 300 systems they plan to install the software on, they need to purchase 300 licenses (even though not all systems will be running at the same time).

Can I mix and match software titles to reach a higher tier?

Yes! As long as you purchase the minimum of five licenses per title, you may mix and match software titles within any product family. For example, you could purchase 50 licenses of Vegas software and 50 licenses of ACID Pro software to reach the 100-499 tier level. Sony Creative Software product families are:

  • Professional: ACID Pro, Sound Forge Pro, and Vegas Pro software
  • Consumer: ACID Music Studio, Sound Forge Audio Studio, Movie Studio Platinum, and Movie Studio Suite software

What is the difference between an Upgrade Volume License and a single box upgrade?

If your institution previously purchased a Volume Site License for one of our professional products, you may purchase an Upgrade Volume Site License to update each seat on your license when a new version of the software is released. There is a minimum purchase requirement of five upgrade licenses.

Do I qualify for a free Volume Site License upgrade?

Volume Site License owners are eligible for a free upgrade for licenses purchased 30 days prior to the new version ship date. The school/institution has 30 days from the ship date of the new product to request the upgrade through customer service. After 30 days, the offer is void. It is the responsibility of the school/institution to request this free upgrade; upgrades are not automatic.

What operating systems do the upgrade versions support?

Before purchasing the upgrade version, it is a good idea to verify that your systems meet the minimum requirements listed on the product packaging.

Where can I purchase an Academic boxed product or Academic Volume Site License?


Do Volume Site Licenses include 3rd party bundled software?

No.  Volume Site Licenses do not include 3rd party bundled software.

If a customer wants to add seats to their current Volume Site License, is that something that can be done?

Yes. The customer will just need to submit a PO with the reseller for the amount of seats they would like to add to their original license, including a reference to the original Volume Site License Number.

Are all prior versions eligible for Volume Site License upgrades — no matter how many versions back?

Yes, currently any prior version of our software is eligible for an upgrade to the current version.

How is the Volume Site License delivered?

Sony Creative Software provides an email to the customer which contains all URLs to download files, all Product Keys used for installation, and installation instructions.  The only product which we ship an actual media pack for is ACID Pro 7.  If a customer needs a media pack shipped for any other products, additional charges may apply.

Will my Volume Site License expire?

No, it will not. The benefit is that you can use your Volume Site Licenses until you decide to upgrade to a new version.

What if I do not want 5 units, thus do not qualify for Site Licenses?

Customers can instead choose to purchase Single User Academic products. See above for more information.

What must Sony Creative Software receive in order to process a Volume Site License order?

Distributors/Resellers must provide:

  • The appropriate part number and quantity. This is determined by the total number of computers where the software will be installed, minimum 5
  • Institution must complete the Volume Site License End User form found here.

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