Video technology that lets teachers improve the way they observe their students

Swivl robotic technology is created with that exact goal in mind. Swivl develops advanced monitoring and recording systems that enable teachers to expand and observe the way they monitor their students in a more intricate way. These monitoring systems allow teachers to easily review, analyze, and discuss video recordings, where they can see and hear each student as though they were in class, sitting next to their students.

Swivl brings great potential for a teacher to improve the learning environment within a classroom. It could shift reflection into something that deepens teachers’ understanding of their students. It could open up the classroom to collective insights by teams of teachers, improving the depth of insight with each student. And most importantly, it could shift classroom observation from an administration driven initiative into a teacher driven movement that can transform schools.
If you’d like to learn more about Swivl, check out our lineup by clicking here.

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