What’s the Big Deal? Adobe K12 Site License

Bring Adobe Creative Cloud to your school or district with affordable, easy-to-manage site licensing options available through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP). You’ll enhance teaching and learning while helping students develop essential digital skills for college and career success.


What is the Adobe Creative Cloud K-12 License offering?

Adobe is offering Creative Cloud for education device licenses through two options, the Adobe K-12 School Site License, and now, the Adobe K-12 District License. Both offerings are available worldwide for primary and secondary (K-12) schools and districts only and purchased through the Value Incentive Plan (VIP).

What is a device license?

The Creative Cloud for education device license is a license for each computer, rather than each individual user, and is ideal for classroom, lab and student ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) environments. Creative Cloud for education device licenses may be installed on school-owned or school-leased computers. Work at home usage is available for eligible faculty and staff as well as allowing student deployment on personal devices (BYOD).


Site license benefits:

  • Universal access—Give your students, teachers and staff access to the latest industry-leading creative software so they can design, share and publish compelling communications across all media and devices.
  • Budget predictability—A low-cost, flat-fee, single-license purchase with one annual or multi-year contract for school-owned or leased computers, with the ability to cover more at the time of purchase.
  • Flexible deployment and management—Designed for an individual school or district, a site license offers a web-based Admin Console that makes it easy to centrally manage and deploy licenses.
  • Classroom and home use—Schools have the flexibility to use licenses for in-classroom deployment, including BYOD environments, or at home on teacher-owned machines.
  • Free instructional resources—Your educators can access the Adobe Education Exchange for free professional development, teaching resources and peer-to-peer collaboration to help them get up to speed on Creative Cloud apps and ignite creativity in the classroom.

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