Your art school or art program works with students to build their skills, reach their potential and prepare them for successful careers, whether they pursue animation, game development, fashion design, product design, film, photography and graphic design. Students need to be grounded in time-tested curriculum and fundamentals. At the same, technology now plays an increasingly important role. Our Cintiq Companion tablets, Cintiq creative pen displays and Intuos Pro tablets are a key element to giving students the training and experience they need.

Introducing aspiring art and design students to the same graphics tablets and pen displays used professionally by industry leading studios and agencies enhances their freedom of expression and accelerates their creative development. Our pen input lets students work fluidly whether they are drawing, creating new designs, building 3D models or editing photos. Implementing our creative products in the classroom can provide critical benefits.

  • Teach students to use the products they will use in their professional career.
  • Assure that students have the tools needed to create job-winning portfolios.
  • Attract highly qualified students with state-of-the-art equipment.

The success of students in your art program is tied to the skilled instructor’s guidance, ability to connect with students and encouragement. At Wacom, our goal is to help your art and design instructors and students be as successful as possible.


Animation as a profession, whether creating for feature films, documentaries or advertising, has been growing by leaps and bounds for more than a decade. For schools with animation majors or those that are considering starting one, this growth requires that animation programs have the technology and curriculum to properly prepare students for a career in animation. Since Wacom’s Cintiq Companion tablets, Cintiq creative pen displays and Intuos Pro pen tablets are a staple among professional animators, employing Wacom’s professional line of input devices in the classroom or lab allows instructors to create “real life” scenarios for their students. In addition, for instructors seeking to help students improve their software and drawing skills, the pen used with Wacom’s Cintiq and Intuos Pro products delivers unparalleled pressure sensitivity to all of the 2D and 3D creative applications being used by today’s professional animators.

Check out our Wacom Intuos options here:

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