Microsoft Products for Schools

For schools and districts attempting to educate their students about applications used by real-life businesses, there’s no better choice than Microsoft Office. And Microsoft’s EES program, you can get a custom price to fit your needs – all at significant discounts. Check out this link for a handy way to determine your organization’s FTE countCheck out this link for a handy way to determine your organization’s FTE count (it’s the method for determining your headcount and personal price)

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Use Techsmith Camtasia to Engage with Students Online

Engage Students with Video

Record what’s on your computer screen to create powerful video lessons. Narrate as you go then edit your videos by adding effects, green screen, or quizzes. Share with your students to watch 24/7, on their own devices.

Working on video lessons

Make Powerful Video Lessons

Record what’s on your screen, then edit your video lessons the way you want. Keep a personal touch with green screen or your webcam. Share videos securely with your class or just one student. Make how-to videos for fellow educators or parents.

Read the tutorial: How to Make a Video Lesson with Camtasia Studio (PC)

Adding interactivity to videos

Add Interactivity for Customized Learning

Add clickable hotspots (links) to deliver a a custom experience within your lesson. You can also add a table of contents and search options. Pique students’ interest by letting them choose which topics to watch, at their own pace. Tailor instruction for different levels of learners.

See it in action: Watch Graham “Math” Johnson’s Interactive Video Lesson

Student assessing learning

Assess Learning on the Spot

Add quizzes and comprehension questions to your lessons to see how students are learning. Students can take quizzes on their own devices – desktops, laptops, iPads, Android tablets, and most Android smart phones. You’ll receive daily email SCORM results that include an attached spreadsheet for easy review in Excel and more. Camtasia Studio (PC) only.

Watch the tutorial: What You Should Know About the TechSmith Smart Player

Eric Marcos

Eric Marcos

“The response has been tremendous. The parents and school staff are impressed with the quality and uniqueness of the student-created videos. Even our district has begun to take notice, and we thank TechSmith for making us look so good.”

Aaron Sams

“Students are more engaged in my class now that technology like Camtasia has allowed me to flip the classroom. I have virtually no D’s. D’s have become C’s, C’s have become B’s, and B’s have become A’s.”


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How to make the best of Office 365 in your classroom!

Wondering how to put Office 365 to use in your classroom? Take a look at this quick and easy to follow slide show on LinkedIn. It provides educators with the tips and tools they need to make the most of Office 365.

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Adobe software for educators

Educators: If you’re involved in your school’s technology program and you’re currently not utilizing Adobe’s discount school pricing program, you’re leaving your tech students behind the curve.

Adobe has been – and, most likely, will continue to be – the industry leader in professional software in graphics, design, and editing. Needless to say, if your students work with media, they should be working with Adobe, because that’s what they’ll be using during their careers. Why learn multiple programs when you only have to learn one? Learn more here.

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