Outfit your school with Adobe for cheap

If your school has any multimedia classes and you’re not currently subscribed to Adobe’s supremely-priced K12 site license, you’re doing a disservice to your studentsyou’re doing a disservice to your studentsyou’re doing a disservice to your students. Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite is THE suite for creative professionals, and if you’re teaching your kids tech, it may as well be the tech they’ll use in their day-to-day careers.

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Corel just released Painter 2018 – and we’ve got the best prices for schools!

Are you in need of digital painting software for your art classes? Corel just launched Painter 2018, and with the addition of new textures and a new brush library, this version is a must-have for digital painters and learners alike.

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7 Reasons Design Students Should be Learning Photoshop

Nowadays, Adobe Photoshop is an unavoidable component of the design field. It is a program that sets the industry standard, which is exactly why it is crucial for design students to learn Photoshop. This article outlines the top seven reasons, from an educators perspective, why Photoshop should be part of the classroom curriculum.

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GoGuardian now includes machine learning for a more personalized touch.

If you’re familiar with GoGuardian, you’ll know they’re a Chromebook management software. But did you know that their last software update in June included a machine learning feature? This new feature, which is included in our GoGuardian product lineup, adapts to student behavior and applies personalized filtering, improving your management technique. You can read more about the new feature in this article.

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Outfit your school with an Anywhere Cart

With Chromebooks and Tablets taking over technology in the classroom, there’s never been a better time to pick up an Anywhere Cart. Keep all your tech in one place, fully charged and locked away safe. And if it’s the setup that’s stopping you, fear not – here’s a super simple setup video that shows just how easy it is to outfit your school with an Anywhere Cart.

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