LocknCharge CEO Explains Why Mobile Device Rollouts at Schools Require Storage and Charging Products

James Symons, CEO of LockNCharge, is on a mission to create the most functional and accommodating cart a school could buy for device storage. In a blog post on their website, Symons explains how LockNCharge builds their carts with ease of device deployment flow in mind, which can cause massive frustration if lacking in other storage devices. Symons covers other questions, including but not limited to:  Will classrooms share a Cart? Will each classroom have their own Cart? Will devices be distributed one-by-one with students carrying an armful of devices or will teachers distribute them?  Will devices be assigned to work groups or whole classrooms? Check out the full article here if you want to make an informed decision about purchasing a LockNCharge cart.

Speaking of purchasing, we’ve got their full range of products here. Feel free to give us a chat if you need help figuring out which one is right for you.

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