Microsoft Programs for Education

If your school is in need of Microsoft Office for either administrative or educational reasons, take a look at Microsoft’s EES (Enrollment for Education Services) program. For a flat fee (which is tied to the amount of faculty and staff your school employs), you can outfit your entire school with anything Microsoft – Office Licenses, Server Solutions, even the Windows OS itself.

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Check out Little Bits Youtube channel for some cool classrooms projects

Have you heard of Little Bits? They’re a new brand of educational technology that easily integrate in the classroom and are suitable for ages ranging from Elementary to High School. LittleBits kits are composed of electronic building blocks that are color-coded, magnetic, and make complex technology simple and fun for students. They’re powered by a power circuit which eliminates any need for wiring or soldering. You can check out their Youtube channel here for some fun and creative classroom ideas.

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Go Guardian – the most recommended solution for managing Chrome Books.

If your school is using Chromebooks, or considering using Chromebooks, we recommend considering GoGuardian Admin 2.0.  From monitoring student behavior, to setting differentiated usage policies, to providing anti-theft solutions, Admin 2.0 has it covered. And the new Smart Alerts are great for improving and simplifying admin workflows. Plus, all this functionality is available at an incredibly reasonable price. To read more about Go Guardian, check out this review.

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Maroon 5 used Avid Pro Tools to polish their latest album, Red Pill Blues

You’ve probably heard of the popular radio artist Maroon 5, but have you heard of Avid Pro Tools? Avid Pro Tools is the software used by Maroon 5, and many other popular music artists, to edit their music and polish their albums.

If you are a teacher and need music editing software, check out our Avid Pro Tools page here, and look for products with the word “academic” in the title to save big.