All the features of GoGuardian explained

GoGuardian is a useful Chromebook management software that includes a plethora of efficient and simple features that will help you to monitor your students in the best way possible for both you and them. GoGuardian’s Smart Filtering provides students with guidance and gentle direction, and helps them stay on-task (and safeguarded from rabbit holes!) A key feature of Admin 2.0 is Smart Alerts, which was designed to inspire behavioral self-modification among students as they become more aware of their online behavior. Through sending students personalized messages while they are browsing, Smart Alerts empowers students to be better digital citizens and modify their behavior appropriately. In beta-testing, GoGuardian has found that Smart Alerts enables students to improve their behavior by an impressive factor of 5:1.


If you want granular filtering down to the individual, GoGuardian Smart Filtering has you covered. How? The new and improved filtering system gives administrators precise control over how students can use the internet—based on their grade level, location, and the time of day. For instance, administrators can apply one set of rules for using YouTube and social media websites at school—and another set for when students are at home, after school, or on weekends. This ensures students are protected from harmful online content, and allows teachers to adjust settings on a granular, case-by-case basis, which, with differentiated instruction, is absolutely necessary.

With content-based filtering, AI-powered software determines the context in which certain words are being used. Instead of using simple keyword matching, Smart Alerts continuously scans the page to make real-time decisions on whether to block or allow content based on your custom filter settings. It uses powerful artificial intelligence technology to help educators understand and shape students’ online behavior in real time.

Also, GoGuardians Google Chrome extension can analyze the content of web pages as they’re rendered within the browser, comparing this content with tens of thousands of similar pages to determine if it’s appropriate for students based on customizable, pre-defined rules. This prevents double blinds, ensuring students have access to quality educational content and saving teachers time. It also teaches the valuable lesson of analytical reasoning skills to students: a word alone doesn’t make content inappropriate.

If you’re ready to give GoGuardian a try, you can find it on our website here. Don’t forget to give us a chat if you have any questions or need a quote!

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