What does the Corel Draw interface look like?

If you’re considering purchasing Corel Draw, take a look at this video to get to know the interface. Corel Draw is a robust graphics editor that has been around for decades, and is a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator at a fraction of the cost. Without paying subscription prices, Corel Draw gives you access to a wide range of drawing tools and modes, as well as special photo editing effects.

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Need Adobe software for your school or district?

Just like Microsoft EES, Adobe offers the option to license the school, rather than paying per machine. The Adobe K-12 Site License is pretty straight forward and easy to deploy. It allows a school to install Creative Cloud for Education device licenses on at least 100 school-owned or school-leased computers.
At $25 per install, the minimum cost would be $2,500 for the year to have 100 computers licensed with Adobe Software. Any additional computer is $25 per license. If you need at least 10 licenses of Adobe CC at your school, this is a more cost effective way to get the software at a larger volume, and for much less.
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Not sure how to use the Google Chrome Management Console?

There are tons of resources to help you get started, including this video. In the video, you’ll find a helpful rundown of all the features included in the Google Chrome Management Console. The Management Console is an especially helpful tools for educators and school administrators who are looking to monitor their students computer activity.

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