All the features of GoGuardian explained

GoGuardian is a useful Chromebook management software that includes a plethora of efficient and simple features that will help you to monitor your students in the best way possible for both you and them. GoGuardian’s Smart Filtering provides students with guidance and gentle direction, and helps them stay on-task (and safeguarded from rabbit holes!) A key feature of Admin 2.0 is Smart Alerts, which was designed to inspire behavioral self-modification among students as they become more aware of their online behavior. Through sending students personalized messages while they are browsing, Smart Alerts empowers students to be better digital citizens and modify their behavior appropriately. In beta-testing, GoGuardian has found that Smart Alerts enables students to improve their behavior by an impressive factor of 5:1.


If you want granular filtering down to the individual, GoGuardian Smart Filtering has you covered. How? The new and improved filtering system gives administrators precise control over how students can use the internet—based on their grade level, location, and the time of day. For instance, administrators can apply one set of rules for using YouTube and social media websites at school—and another set for when students are at home, after school, or on weekends. This ensures students are protected from harmful online content, and allows teachers to adjust settings on a granular, case-by-case basis, which, with differentiated instruction, is absolutely necessary.

With content-based filtering, AI-powered software determines the context in which certain words are being used. Instead of using simple keyword matching, Smart Alerts continuously scans the page to make real-time decisions on whether to block or allow content based on your custom filter settings. It uses powerful artificial intelligence technology to help educators understand and shape students’ online behavior in real time.

Also, GoGuardians Google Chrome extension can analyze the content of web pages as they’re rendered within the browser, comparing this content with tens of thousands of similar pages to determine if it’s appropriate for students based on customizable, pre-defined rules. This prevents double blinds, ensuring students have access to quality educational content and saving teachers time. It also teaches the valuable lesson of analytical reasoning skills to students: a word alone doesn’t make content inappropriate.

If you’re ready to give GoGuardian a try, you can find it on our website here. Don’t forget to give us a chat if you have any questions or need a quote!

Magix just released Movie Studio 15!

Need video editing software for you classroom that doesn’t require monthly payments? Magix just released Movie Studio 15, and critics are saying it is the most powerful two-in-one solution for video and audio editing in its segment.

Based on the core technology and features of the award-winning VEGAS Pro, the latest update of VEGAS Movie Studio enables professional results with minimal effort. 4k video editing and hardware acceleration improvements (support for Nvidia and Intel’s Quick Sync Video) bring top-level standards of video excellence and speed, whilst the new HEVC support allows users to significantly compress large video content while maintaining perfect quality.

The new modern user interface is also fully customizable to benefit experienced editors. For the beginners, a Quick Start dashboard has been added to guide with step-by-step instructions for video production, making it even easier to get started. An integrated ‘Show-Me-How’ tutorial feature that already exists from previous versions is still there to help. On top of that, new features like picture-in-picture scenes, freeze frames and split-screen sequences provide a professional look-and-feel to the video with just a few clicks on the storyboard.

You can get Movie Studio 15 from our website for as little as $12.50 per license by clicking here to navigate to our product page.

Corel just released the Corel Draw 2018! What are the newest features?

If you’re in the market for Corel Draw, Corel just released the latest version – but only at regular retail pricing! The educationally priced version will be available to schools and non-profits very soon, so start saving now if you don’t want to miss out on all the cool new features!

Here are just a few things to get excited about in version 2018 – new tools such as the block shadow tool, impact tool, and pointilizer, as well as several new nodes and modes. To see a comparison chart that shows all the differences between the latest version and the previous versions, click here. Otherwise, keep an eye on our Corel page to see Corel Draw 2018 at a discounted rate for schools!

What does the Corel Draw interface look like?

If you’re considering purchasing Corel Draw, take a look at this video to get to know the interface. Corel Draw is a robust graphics editor that has been around for decades, and is a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator at a fraction of the cost. Without paying subscription prices, Corel Draw gives you access to a wide range of drawing tools and modes, as well as special photo editing effects.

You can find Corel Draw at a non-profit discounted rate by clicking on our product link here.

Need Adobe software for your school or district?

Just like Microsoft EES, Adobe offers the option to license the school, rather than paying per machine. The Adobe K-12 Site License is pretty straight forward and easy to deploy. It allows a school to install Creative Cloud for Education device licenses on at least 100 school-owned or school-leased computers.
At $25 per install, the minimum cost would be $2,500 for the year to have 100 computers licensed with Adobe Software. Any additional computer is $25 per license. If you need at least 10 licenses of Adobe CC at your school, this is a more cost effective way to get the software at a larger volume, and for much less.
Want to find out more or get a quote from us? Start by going to our website here!

Not sure how to use the Google Chrome Management Console?

There are tons of resources to help you get started, including this video. In the video, you’ll find a helpful rundown of all the features included in the Google Chrome Management Console. The Management Console is an especially helpful tools for educators and school administrators who are looking to monitor their students computer activity.

If you’re in the market for the Google Chrome OS Management Console for schools, check out our website to see the discounts you can receive. Feel free to give us a chat if you have an questions or need a quote!

What is Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions?

Typically known as Microsoft EES, Enrollment for Education Solutions is a cost effective way to enroll your school in a yearly site licensing program. Packages offered within the EES agreement range from Microsoft Office, to Windows, to cals, to servers, to all of the above. You can click on this link to go to our website and get information on how EES works and how it is priced. Feel free to give us a chat to request a price quote or ask any questions!

Cheapest movie editing software for schools?

Schools and students can purchase Magix Movie Edit Pro for much cheaper than the regular retail price on our website. You can find the product page for students here, and the product page for schools here.

Movie edit pro is known for its professional-grade features that range from sound filtering and editing, to image stabilization, to 360 degree editing. Perfect for beginners to intermediates, highly and affordable, you can’t go wrong with Magix Movie Edit Pro!

Which is better: Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator?

Trying to decide between Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator? Check out this helpful video to hear from someone who is experience with both programs. According to the author, Corel Draw is better for beginners, and as we all know, CD doesn’t come with the commitment of a subscription price. If you need Corel for your school, check out our school site license and save hundreds of dollars per license.

Check out Little Bits Youtube channel for some cool classrooms projects

Have you heard of Little Bits? They’re a new brand of educational technology that easily integrate in the classroom and are suitable for ages ranging from Elementary to High School. LittleBits kits are composed of electronic building blocks that are color-coded, magnetic, and make complex technology simple and fun for students. They’re powered by a power circuit which eliminates any need for wiring or soldering. You can check out their Youtube channel here for some fun and creative classroom ideas.

You can also learn more about Little Bits and their products by going to our website here.