Dragon Support

Genesis customers know to come to us first for any troubleshooting or support needed for their Dragon licenses – but what about when we’re out of the office? Thankfully, Nuance has an incredible support knowledge base that can more than likely answer any question you have or problems you may face. With Dragon, there’s no reason to ever not be 100% satisfied with your product.

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Cubelets for K-12 Students

If your students display interest in coding, robotics, or grew up with Legos, there’s no better stepping stone towards engineering literacy that Cubelets!

With Cubelets, students can learn the basics of programming hands-on and at their own pace, and thanks to the all the different types of Cubelets, students have the opportunity to learn more than ever. But don’t take our word for it – check out this handy video demonstrating their product lineup.

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