Introducing ScreenBeam

Here at Genesis, we’re excited to announce that we’re picking up a new product line – The ScreenBeam! With ScreenBeam, teachers gain the ability to broadcast their Windows 10 laptop’s screen to student devices effortlessly. Now everyone can be engaged in presentations – and if you add the Classroom Commander subscription, the ScreenBeam turns into a one-stop CMS for every student in the classroom.

For more information, here’s an informative video that explains the functions of the hardware.

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Photoshop remains the most powerful (and widely used) image editing tool

Don’t think Adobe is powerful enough? Here’s a time-lapse of a YouTube user creating artwork entirely from pre-existing images and Photoshop’s powerful suite of tools. It just goes to show that with the right software and the right education, anyone can do anything.

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Film your lectures with SWIVL

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult aspects of video production is the amount of crew it takes. Thankfully, the team at SWIVL found a way for Teachers to record their lectures – they made a robot that follows you. Think of it like a little automated film crew, with camera and sound equipment all ready to go. There’s never been an easier way to record a presentation.

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Upgrade your STEM library with Cubelets

Do your STEM students have interest in robotics? How about programming? Thankfully, the team over at Modular Robotics made Cubelets, which combines the tactile sensation of hands-on experimentation with the logic of coding, so you no longer have to choose. And thanks to this handy link, you can find out which Cubelets package is right for you.

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Upgrade your school’s STEM lab with Cubelets

STEM is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about aspects of education. Thankfully, curriculum makers and technological educators are adapting just as quickly – and the people over at Modular Robotics are no different. Check out this slick video demonstration of their Cubelets lineup. As far as we’re concerned, there isn’t a better way to introduce STEM concepts to budding young minds.

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Microsoft Programs for Education

If your school is in need of Microsoft Office for either administrative or educational reasons, take a look at Microsoft’s EES (Enrollment for Education Services) program. For a flat fee (which is tied to the amount of faculty and staff your school employs), you can outfit your entire school with anything Microsoft – Office Licenses, Server Solutions, even the Windows OS itself.

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Avid takes home the gold yet again

Avid has, once again, taken home more gold medals. And for good reason – they remain the industry standard for media creation. Ask any professional music producer or composer – Avid is the way to go. And with their educational discounts, you can get your students learning the software they will continue to use throughout their creative careers.

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