Get Creative with Toon Boom Animate 3

Toon Boom Animate 3 is the ideal software for paperless, frame-by-frame animation. Learn to Animate in no time. Benefit from the robust, Emmy Award-winning code base, and achieve professional quality output. Whether you’re creating animation for the web, commercials, shorts, or games, own your creativity with a solution made just for you.
Toon Boom Animate 3 New and Improved Features:
  • NEW: Brush lines with texture for doing rough drawings
  • NEW: Pencil lines with variable thickness and texture support for nice, clean lines
  • NEW: Save presets of tools you reuse often to streamline your workflow
Frame-By-Frame Animation:
  • NEW: Shift and Trace allows you to temporarily overlap drawings for easy in-betweening
  • IMPROVED: Xsheet with Annotation columns to keep notes and organize animation
  • IMPROVED: Live sync of Xsheet and Timeline
Colour Tune:
  • IMPROVED: Paint multiple frames quickly and easily using advanced paint options
  • NEW: Ink tool for inking coloured pencil lines
New Tools in Toon Boom Animate 3:

True Pencil:

  • Draw directly in the software with a pencil line that supports pressure sensitivity.
  • Modify the position, length, or thickness information on a line after you draw it.
  • Copy and paste the style from one line to another, or apply the style across hundreds of drawings.
  • Incorporate texture on your lines for cool effects like charcoal, chalk, and many more.
  • Import your own textures from Photoshop and apply them to the line style.
Texture Brushes
  • Draw directly in the software with texture brushes.
  • Simulate that pencil-on-paper feel for rough drawings.
  • Take advantage of the new 64-bit core technology.
  • Use as much memory as your machine allows.
  • Import images without memory limitations.
  • Export hi-res images and movies for professional results.
Tool Presets Toolbar
  • Save tool properties that you frequently use.
  • Quickly jump to brushes, pencils, paint buckets, and other tools.
  • Save the colour along with the properties of the tool.
  • Use your own custom icon on the toolbar if desired.
Interface Enhancements
  • Autosave, specifying the time interval.
  • New user interface for Brush and Pencil tool properties.
  • Ability to drag and drop keyframes, drawings, or both on the Timeline.
  • Improvements to the Annotation columns in the Xsheet to sketch notes.
  • Ability to export different resolutions directly from Export Movie.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • …and more!