Teach your students how to edit and create videos, music, and photos with Magix software!

Enhance your everyday lectures with software that allows students to learn video editing and music production! These tools make normal classroom lessons fun and creatively challenging and you’ll be teaching them skills for future jobs.

We offer MAGIX license at an educational discount. You and your students can then access the same license other professionals are using but at a more affordable cost. Check out all the MAGIX software we carry here.

For video editing software check out: MAGIX Vegas Post 19 Suite Academic, MAGIX Video Pro X 13 Academic, MAGIX Vegas Movie Studio 2023 Academic, MAGIX Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 2023 Academic, and more.

For Music editing software check out: MAGIX Acid Pro 11 Suite Academic, MAGIX Samplitude Pro X7 Academic, MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 16 Academic, and more.

Adobe x Khan Academy Lesson Plans

Easy-to-use, custom template from Adobe education exchange with Khan Academy. help your students reflect on the 2022 school year so far and look forward with intention for the rest of the school year in 2023. Different lesson plans for grades 3-5 and 6-12. These templates are customizable, students can upload a photo of themselves and express what they have learned and their goals for the second half of the school year.

Find these fun and engaging templates here.

Adobe express is free for all K12 teachers. If your school is looking to purchase Adobe creative cloud all apps for your school, request a quote here for a site license!

Enter to win a Blue Yeti Nano Mic! $100 value!

If you didn’t know, our sister company, e2genesis, is a pro music and audio store! If you or someone you know is interested in music or audio, we are currently running a holiday giveaway. It is free to enter and $100 dollar value.

Follow this link and enter the giveaway to win a Blue Yeti Nano Mic; perfect for podcasting, streaming, or any audio recording!

Good luck and Happy Holiday from e2genesis and Genesis Technologies!

Lesson Ideas for Teachers by Adobe

Lesson planning is hard enough as is, much less trying to make them enjoyable and informative for the students and yourself! Adobe Education Exchange has professional learning and teaching resources. There are resources for your lessons from art & architecture to science & engineering.

Adobe Express, free for all students and teachers, has many editable templates ready for you to use in your classroom! And if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud All-Apps License you can utilize even more resources designed for the other apps. You can even narrow down your search by education level, time to complete, and subject.

Adobe Education Exchange makes it easy to incorporate fun, creative, and challenging lessons into your curriculum!

Microsoft 365 for Education

Microsoft Office Suite is so helpful for teachers, with access to almost all micosoft office apps. Access to these apps give teachers more tools to excel with lesson plans and classroom assignments! These licenses also come with 1T of storage!

What’s Included in Microsoft 365 Apps for Faculty?

  • Microsoft Office suite – Includes Office apps for your PC and Mac. Always have the latest versions of:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft OneDrive for Business
    • Microsoft OneNote
    • Microsoft Publisher (PC only)
    • Skype for Business
    • Microsoft Access (PC only)

Why you Should Be Using Headphones in the Classroom?

Headphones can be beneficial in the classroom, computer room, or library. They keep the noise level down and allow students to individually focus on the lesson and the instructor’s voice. In the library or computer room, students can watch educational videos or listen to audiobooks while following along. By eliminating outside distractions the students have an easier time devoting their energy to comprehending what they are hearing. For some even having the teachers speak into a mic that goes to the headphone can allow students to hear the teacher more clearly. This is especially great for those students who are easily overstimulated by a noisy classroom. They can listen at a volume that is comfortable and safe for them and remove the excess noise.

If you want to implement headphones into your classroom or library, here are some headphones we recommend!

Avid AE-54 Headphone

Avid AE-36 ORANGE On-Ear Headphones With Microphone

Cyber Acoustics ACM-6004 Classroom Learning Headphones

What is an endpoint?

Have you heard of endpoint protection, but are not really sure what it is or why you need it?

“Endpoint security is the process of protecting devices like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets from malicious threats and cyberattacks” according to Fortinet. So obviously this is very important when working for any company that uses devices for work or communicating with coworkers or students. Cyber attacks usually happen via endpoints and can then infiltrate the whole networks that the endpoints are connected to.

The most common types of cyber-attacks are phishing attacks, ransomware, password attacks, and many more. Check out our blog post on how to recognize phishing attacks. There are many ways for Cybercriminals to infiltrate your device. Using endpoint protection software gives an added layer of protection for your network.

Check out our range of endpoint protection software, or email sales@genesis-technologies.com for more information!

Protect your School’s computers with Symantec

Working in a school office means you deal with information that needs to be protected. Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 fuses Artificial intelligence with critical endpoint technologies to deliver the most complete endpoint security on the planet. Symantec provides malware protection, exploit prevention, intensive protection, and network connection security!

As a school, you can also receive a discount on Symantec Endpoint Protection 14. Get your license for as little as 12.70 per license when you purchase 5000 to protect your entire school. Email sales@genesis-technologies.com or click here to get a quote today!