Adobe Sign for Education

Do more with Adobe Sign

Are you tired of tracking down paperwork and having to file them away in archaic filing systems? Adobe Sign helps you save time and money when you go paperless by digitizing old, paper-based processes.

What are the other benefits of eSignatures?

  • Legally binding and secure. E-signatures are legal, trusted, and enforceable in almost every industrialized country in the world.
  • Incredibly efficient. Speed up every process by allowing recipients to e-sign documents. You can save 1.5 hours per use per transaction with Adobe Sign.
  • Extremely cost-effective. Using e-signatures helps you save money. With Adobe Sign, you can save on every transaction – and reduce the amount of paper used

For more information read more about Adobe Sign for Education here, or request a quote for your school here.

Celebrate Earth Day using this Photoshop template

Celebrate Earth Day in a fun and informative way with your 9th-12th grade students. Use this template from Adobe Education Exchange with the help of Photoshop and Express to design a social media post about equitable environment policies.

Students will produce a post to explain a concept or persuade their peers. This is a great way to engage students’ creativity and learn how to protect the earth for future generations.

If your school doesn’t have Adobe Creative Cloud apps, request a quote here. Need any other software? Browse our whole catalog of discounted software and products for education.

National Creativity Month

Spring is here and creativity is flowing as summer approaches. Encourage your students to explore and expand on their creative ideas with Adobe Creative Education Challenges. Lesson plans are available for Primary and Secondary students with detailed templates and instructions.

In this template, students will be challenged to create a magazine cover depicting their own unique ways of expressing their creativity! This lesson is easy to access from the Adobe Education Exchange website and comes with instructions and a QR code to the Adobe Express template.

For more templates and lesson plans, visit the Adobe Education Exchange website. If you do not have an Adobe subscription or are interested in other Adobe Apps for your school visit our website for all Adobe apps at a discounted rate for schools and teachers.

Enhance your Illustrations with time-lapse

If you’re looking for ways to enhance illustrators through Photoshop, check out this article from Adobe. This article shows how to add layers to create a time-lapse effect on your illustration. This is a super cool way to display all the layers it takes for one image to come together. It’s also a great way to teach students about depth in their illustrations and how to utilize different features in Photoshop.

Looking to get Photoshop or Adobe creative cloud for your classroom? Request a quote here for your school!

Celebrate Black History Month with the help of Adobe Education Exchange

Incorporate an educational classroom activity to teach your students about Black History Month this February. With the help of Adobe Education Exchange, you have multiple lesson plans at your fingertips to incorporate into your curriculum this month.

These lesson plans are easy to follow and free for all K12 teachers. You can follow along with the instruction templates through Adobe Express which is also free to all teachers and students. Click here to view the Creative Challenges!

If you are looking for more advanced projects and lessons for your classroom, check out the other resources by Adobe Education Exchange. These lessons allow you to incorporate Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere Pro, and other Adobe Creative Cloud apps. If your school does not already have Adobe Creative Cloud License, request a quote here!

Teach your students how to edit and create videos, music, and photos with Magix software!

Enhance your everyday lectures with software that allows students to learn video editing and music production! These tools make normal classroom lessons fun and creatively challenging and you’ll be teaching them skills for future jobs.

We offer MAGIX license at an educational discount. You and your students can then access the same license other professionals are using but at a more affordable cost. Check out all the MAGIX software we carry here.

For video editing software check out: MAGIX Vegas Post 19 Suite Academic, MAGIX Video Pro X 13 Academic, MAGIX Vegas Movie Studio 2023 Academic, MAGIX Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 2023 Academic, and more.

For Music editing software check out: MAGIX Acid Pro 11 Suite Academic, MAGIX Samplitude Pro X7 Academic, MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 16 Academic, and more.

Adobe x Khan Academy Lesson Plans

Easy-to-use, custom template from Adobe education exchange with Khan Academy. help your students reflect on the 2022 school year so far and look forward with intention for the rest of the school year in 2023. Different lesson plans for grades 3-5 and 6-12. These templates are customizable, students can upload a photo of themselves and express what they have learned and their goals for the second half of the school year.

Find these fun and engaging templates here.

Adobe express is free for all K12 teachers. If your school is looking to purchase Adobe creative cloud all apps for your school, request a quote here for a site license!

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